The Global Call for disruptive startups to join the virtual Sharjah Advanced Industry Accelerator is on

Following the recent launch of the Global and virtual initiative, the Sharjah Advanced Industry Accelerator (SAIA), the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) is proud to announce the launch of the Venture Scaling Program to support global startups in growth stage to scale their technologies across the region, and benefit from a prize pool worth $450,000.

The Sharjah Advanced Industry Accelerator is focused on supporting talented ventures to grow in the MENA region and access new business opportunities, business development, investor relations.

8 startups will be selected to participate in the virtual accelerator and will benefit from local incubation support and venture scaling beyond the accelerator program. In addition, the most innovative winner startup will win the grand prize worth $100,000.

Startups operating in Advanced Industries, Manufacturing Tech, Smart Cities, Sustainable Design, Construction Tech, Smart Materials, Drone and Robotics, Artificial Intelligence are eligible to apply to the SAIA program.

“The program is in response to the global challenges the world is facing. The search will be online so talented companies all over the world will have a chance to apply and join the program,” said Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park.

“We launched the unique accelerator on March 20 and the call for startups to apply will be until June 25. We are targeting companies that are disruptive and are in Advanced Industries that want to access the MENA market. These startups will disrupt the construction, manufacturing and production industries in the region,” he added.

Al Mahmoudi underlined: “We would like to show the world that there is so much demand about this competition. This program also cements our commitment to position Sharjah to lead at the forefront of advanced manufacturing and establish its position as a key manufacturing hub while up-skilling the workforce of Sharjah and beyond.

He noted, SRTI Park has so far received over 150 applications, from 16 countries across the world from every continent.

Leading corporates and other partners are set to bring their expertise to support the startups. The emphasis of the program is to encourage new ideas and technologies, which in turn will help Sharjah to accelerate innovation, create jobs, energize society’s talent and promote lasting economic growth.

Today, the SRTI Park ecosystem is thriving with Industry 4.0 success stories and has fostered the launch of the concrete 3D printing startup MEET, as well as the ITD, a Virtual Reality Experiential Center, both operating within the Industry 4.0 space. In addition, the park will host the Sharjah Open Innovation Lab, a rapid prototyping makerspace for the community to build capacity.

Onwards to the 4th Industrial Revolution

The SRTIP Acceleration Program is an industry-specific program aimed at bringing companies across the MENA region towards the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will enable local and regional entrepreneurs as well as global start-ups to scale up their businesses through education, mentorship, and financing provided by the SRTI Park ecosystem and network.

SRTI Park and Barrabé, Barrabé, the leading innovation consultancy in Spain, are  working together with local and international start-ups to create opportunities and to solve challenges faced by local and regional companies, particularly in the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Luis Martín, president of Barrabé, said: “Sharjah is the ideal location to host the accelerator program that will become a test bed fostering advanced technologies within the industrial and manufacturing field.”

Aside from meeting the real needs and challenges of the market, the SRTIP Acceleration Program is also aimed at developing and managing an innovation ecosystem within a free zone that promotes research and development and supports the triple helix collaboration among the industry, government, and academia




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