SRTIP strengthens global partnerships with Finland

January 15, 2019 – An official delegation from Oulu, Finland, is vising the emirates of Sharjah from January 15 to 17. The diplomatic tour has been organised by the Government of Sharjah’s Department of Government Relations headed by Executive Chairman, His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi.

The attendees included officials from the Council of City of Oulu, senior officials from University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and investors from private sectors such as smart constructions and technologies, renewable energy, water and waste treatment and printed technology and LED lighting.

On their diplomatic tour, the Oulu delegation had visited Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park ‘Free Zone’ (SRTI Park) along with the officials from the Department of Government Relations of Sharjah, led by His Excellency Sheikh Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasimi, Director of Sharjah Department of Government Relations and were welcomed by SRTI Park’s CEO, His Excellency Hussain Al Mahmoudi.

Al Mahmoudi said: “We are pleased to sign these agreements that strengthen our global partnerships and strengthen our position as a world-class research and technology hub. These partnerships also open new horizons to stimulate and attract international research investments, leading countries in the knowledge economy”.

This delegation visit was part of previous agreement signed between Alliance of Oulu City and SRTI Park.

During the visit, there was an open discussion between the management of SRTI Park and the Oulu delegation, where as an understanding several MoUs were signed as part of collaboration and cooperation such as education, scientific research and business development within the region.

After the signing of the MoUs, the delegation got a tour of Merlin Digital’s Sustainable Technologies Research Site at the park. The project (a collaborative initiative with SRTI Park) focuses on identifying and developing breakthrough innovations for a sustainable future. Having identified three core issues as the focus areas — Food, Water, and Housing — Merlin has showcased at the site multiple solutions, including Urban Farming Techniques, Solar Desalination Stills, and Green Magic Homes, lightweight and quick-to-build structures made of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) modules.

This is one of the few significant projects happening at SRTI Park.




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