SRTI Park unveils major technology projects and investments during Gitex Technology Week 2019

Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) will unveil major technology projects at Gitex Technology Week 2019, the largest technology event in the Middle East and Africa. The event, which ends on October 10, has extensive participation from government and private sectors specializing in technology.

The platform will witness a series of meetings with executives and specialists in Fourth Industrial Revolution, in addition to the signing of many agreements with different parties, with the aim of promoting the Park and its vision based on the transfer and localization of knowledge by creating a proactive and supportive environment for experiments and research in the field of futuristic technologies.

Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park, stressed the importance of this participation, the Park’s strategy and vision and to become a regional development center for future science and innovative technologies by creating an environment suitable for research and development and through a package of accelerators in cooperation with the private, public investment sector and the academic sector.

Al Mahmoudi said that Gitex is an ideal platform to know about the latest technologies, to exchange ideas, to learn from the experiences of others, and to introduce participants and visitors to the Park, its objectives and strategies. SRTI Park strives to attract leading international companies in various types of technology through a package of accelerators and incentives provided to investors. The Park has easy access to vital and logistical facilities in the emirate and in the UAE, and the infrastructure which meets the requirements of international standards, resulting to an ideal and safe investment environment, in addition to ownership and full tax exemption, providing great opportunities for industries and technological facilities. He stressed on the pivotal role played by the Park in supporting the strategic plans of the Emirate. SRTI Park aims to make itself a global gateway for investors working in the technology and innovation sector, whether individuals or companies.

He said: “Our unified presence with the Government of Sharjah is an additional support for us in reviewing our investment opportunities in an integrated manner with other parties. We all meet with the common goal of promoting the Emirate of Sharjah and its investment potential to attract and enhance the presence of investors.”

Sharjah’s strategic location, advanced infrastructure, excellent logistics services and incentives contribute to the expansion of business and making it one of the preferred destinations for investments. SRTI Park seeks to continue to strengthen this partnership by highlighting the investment opportunities available in addition to support investors and enable them smooth access to their customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Park attracts a large group of international companies working in various fields such as transportation, construction, 3D printing, agriculture, energy and other technologies that contribute to the facilitation of human life.

It also provides investors with significant opportunities in various economic fields of investment. SRTI Park provides many facilities including advanced legislation, which contribute to the speed of licensing companies and the completion of various transactions.




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