SRTI Park to launch a Global Accelerator Program for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI) Park and Barrabé, the leading innovation consultancy in Spain, have joined forces to launch the first edition of the SRTIP Acceleration Program.

The SRTIP Acceleration Program is an industry-specific program aimed at bringing companies across the MENA region towards the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will enable local and regional entrepreneurs as well as global start-ups to scale up their businesses through education, mentorship, and financing provided by the SRTI Park ecosystem and network.

Aside from meeting the real needs and challenges of the market, the SRTIP Acceleration Program is also aimed at developing and managing an innovation ecosystem within a free zone that promotes research and development and supports the triple helix collaboration among the industry, government, and academia.

The SRTIP Acceleration Program will provide manufacturing companies full access to mentorship, investors and other support facility that will help their businesses become robust and move towards Industrial Revolution 4.0

In particular, the timely launch of the program will benefit some businesses  grappling with the COVID-19 economic slowdown, with certain aspects of SRTIP Acceleration Program providing a stimulus package.

SRTI Park and Barrabé will work together with local and international start-ups to create opportunities and to solve challenges faced by local and regional companies.

“This also cements our commitment to position Sharjah to lead at the forefront of advanced manufacturing and establish its position as a key manufacturing hub while up-skilling the workforce of Sharjah and beyond,” said Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park.

For his part, Luis Martín, president of Barrabé, stated: “We are fully committed to put our world class products and methodologies to fulfill the dream of this partnership agreement and make in SRTIP the best place in the world to imagine, create and scale meaningful innovation”.

With its prime commitment to R&D and its unique accessiblity to the MENA region, Sharjah is the ideal location to host the accelerator program that will become a test bed fostering advanced technologies within the industrial and manufacturing field.

Today, the SRTI Park ecosystem is thriving with Industry 4.0 success stories and has fostered the launch of the concrete 3D printing startup MEET, as well as the ITD, a Virtual Reality Experiential Center, both operating within the Industry 4.0 space. In addition, the park will host the Sharjah Open Innovation Lab, a rapid prototyping makerspace for the community to build capacity.


About the 1st SRTIP Acceleration Program

Industry 4.0 describes the growing trend towards automation and data exchange in technology and processes within the manufacturing industry. The Program focuses on attracting innovative early stage businesses in the following focus areas: Smart Construction Management, Smart Materials, Green Building, Modularization/Prefabrication, Building Information Modelling, Additive Manufacturing, Connected Infrastructures and Connected Ecosystems.

From March 1, 2020, a global call for startups will launch to attract companies developing products or services that make use of the main technologies of Industry 4.0: Big Data, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Robotics, Digital Twin, Augmented Reality, Cloud, Block chain, Cybersecurity and Demand-Driven Supply Security.

Successful applicants from the Industry 4.0 Accelerator will participate in a Selection Day to be held at SRTIP facilities in mid-June. The 8 selected start-ups will have the support they need to pilot, scale, adapt and establish real relationships with UAE Top Corporates through a process of co-creating solutions to address the specific needs of partners.

The benefits during the 4-month acceleration program include training, high-impact mentorship, and business development with the major industrial players, government and academic relations. The program will provide teams with over $300,000 worth of acceleration and exclusive business growth services, including living and workspace expenses. Furthermore, the winners of the program will get grant funding, an official entity in SRTI Park, office space at SRTI Park, and exclusive access to SRTI Park’s global network.

SRTIP emphasis on the launch of this first start-up Acceleration Program that aims to encourage new ideas and technologies together with start-up companies, leaders of key UAE industries, universities and public institutions, which in turn will help Sharjah to accelerate innovation, create jobs, energize society’s talent and promote lasting economic growth.





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