SRTI Park Launches “Women in Innovation” During Gitex Technology Week

As part of Gitex Technology Week, Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) announced the launch of “Women In Innovation”, an initiative to encourage businesswomen to invest in various fields of technology and inspire others, in coordination and cooperation with Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC). This program enables women to obtain company registration and license to engage in investment activities and enter the business world for a small fee.

The initiative includes company registration and license fees, documentation charges, service charges and VAT, as well as benefits such as unlimited access to Innovation Lounge, invites to networking events, business support services and other features the Park offers to its investors.

His Excellency Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO Of SRTI Park, expressed his delight at the launch of “Women In Innovation” initiative, he said: “This program is a clear translation of our commitment to encourage women to engage in various fields of technology and by supporting research and development, turning it into opportunities that benefit them greatly and change the traditional investment outlook, keeping pace with everything that is new, better and convenient for a woman to achieve her ambition in entrepreneurship.”

He emphasized on the commitment that SRTI Park had in supporting women establishing their business and to provide facilities that eases the transition from an idea to a business.

Al Mahmoudi stressed the strategy of the Park translates the UAE’s leading role in the economic empowerment of women by focusing on supporting all business and investment opportunities, especially those related to research, development and innovative technological projects. The Park’s approach towards further developing investment incentives, applying best international practices, the latest innovative technologies and providing an integrated infrastructure to attract European research and innovative investors and encourage them to expand in the region using SRTI Park as starting point.

He said: “Continuous and direct communication with potential investors around the world to enhance their confidence in the concept of safe investment enjoyed by the Park and the great support we offer them to achieve the highest rates of success and growth through the initiative, advantage of logistics services, facilities and other flexible laws and procedures that makes it easier for them to access their clients in global markets.”

SRTI Park aims to provide an environment conducive to innovation and creativity by creating an attractive and sustainable Park with integrated infrastructure and services to transfer and localize knowledge and support, encourage and develop an innovation system to enhance the status of the UAE as a global destination in the fields of research and technology and to encourage investment.

The Park focuses on a few research areas including: Water Technology; Digitization; Transport and Logistics; Environmental Technology; Renewable Technology; Production, Design and Architecture. The triple helix partnership between SRTI Park, government and private sectors and academic institutions to support Sharjah’s move towards the knowledge economy.





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