SRTI Park holds series of virtual labs

Monday 22, June 2020 - Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), held a series of virtual labs, discussing a range of topics, that included digitalisation, healthcare, data research, workspaces, innovative industrial laboratories, applied research in smart mobility, and the 5G network in smart cities. In addition to other related topics in which experts and specialists provided technological recommendations and solutions.

During the virtual seminars, an elite group of scientists, specialists and a group of smart industry leaders in the region participated and interacted via the Internet, with leading international companies. The forum agreed that Sharjah has become a pivotal centre for a global network of developers and researchers in the smart industrial transformation, in which new business areas that have emerged in the current transformational period.

The virtual seminars are an extension of a series of forums and dialogues launched by SRTIP for exploring the future of research and innovation in Sharjah, within a comprehensive vision brought about by global changes.

His Excellency Hussain Mohamed Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTIP, stressed that the aim behind holding these dialogues is to find technical and innovative solutions for a number of industries and fields of work, in light of the emerging transformations in various fields. In addition to hosting of specialists from the private, academic and governmental sectors to gather, and come up with investment and packages that motivate investors, making Sharjah an incubator for this type of future research investments.

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