Partners in Innovation”

Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park reviews investment opportunities in knowledge

Sharjah 30 January 2019: Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) hosted an innovation session for University City faculty. During the session, Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park, discussed how His Highness’s vision brings the Sharjah innovation ecosystem together.

In his welcome note, Al Mahmoudi reviewed the vision and the objectives of SRTI Park to raise Sharjah’s position as a global capital in the fields of research and technology through support, encouragement and development of the innovation system.
Al-Mahmoudi stressed the importance of encouraging and activating the academic role represented by the faculty members and students to move scientific research from the theoretical stage to the applied practical stage and to make it a tangible reality through SRTI Park as all conditions are prepared and harnessing all the financial means to serve this goal. The park is a hub between academics and the private investment sector.
Al-Mahmoudi briefed the audience on developments in the complex, infrastructure projects and facilities, and progress in completing the construction and development processes of the first phase of the park. The attendees listened to a detailed explanation of the latest developments in the ongoing works, what has been accomplished and the projects to be launched in the future.

“The challenge is to provide a framework for prioritizing and linking solutions together to achieve economic wealth while doing so, which is often referred to as a cycle economy that matches and integrates with academic research expertise and objectives,” said Mahmoudi.

The strategy of the park, which is to create solutions for a number of innovative issues, in order to build a technical scientific base for development in the fields of water technology, renewable, environment technology, transportation technology, information technology, industrial design and architecture.

“We did not wait until the buildings were completed to start working. We started on the ground and the international investment companies specializing in research and technology began their work on the land of the park,” Mahmoudi said.

You will find on the ground of the park, a solar-powered agricultural farm, greenhouses built of recycled plastic (that can last for decades). There will also be suspended aerial trains that reflect the modern concept of urban mobility implemented by one of the international companies.

SRTI Park has already succeeded in attracting a number of international companies, as well as there are talks of non-governmental organizations such as the United Nations establishing technological laboratories in the future.




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