Hydrogen has the highest potential to be a key solution for the world’s energy needs: SRTI Park Webinar


Hydrogen, if produced efficiently and cost-effectively, has the highest potential to meet the energy needs of the world and thus contributes very impactfully to the global challenge of reducing carbon emissions.

This was the gist of the discussions during a webinar on ‘Net Zero: Diving Energy Solutions in Hydrogen’ organized by the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park on January 25, 2022, as part of its campaign to promote itself as an energy innovation hub and to create an applied research ecosystem for sustainable energy solutions to develop new technologies for generating Green Hydrogen, one of the most promising green technologies.

The webinar featured Muthana Shirzad, Founder and CEO Proteum Technologies; Aman Amanpour, Advisor/Consultant, AmanpourConsult; Maryam Salman, Consultant, Qamar Energy; Manal Shehabi, Economist & Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and Pere Margalef, CTO Hydrogen, Snam, SpA.

One of the conclusions was that hydrogen-based fuels are ideally suited for sectors such as aviation or industrial processes that cannot be electrified, since producing these fuels can be challenging and counterproductive in some sectors. But sectors such as steel, refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizers, cement, etc. are ripe for a switch to hydrogen.

The participants largely agreed that hydrogen will have a key role to play in decarbonization in the years to come, especially in processes that cannot be electrified, such as heavy industries.

In the mobility sector, hydrogen will lead the way, the experts concurred. Hydrogen fuel technology scores over batteries any day. Though vehicle batteries are getting better and better, they need a lot of power for charging.

Hydrogen cars deliver the same benefits as electric cars, including the all-important lack of polluting emissions, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and therefore a renewable fuel source.  Hydrogen cars are also much faster to refuel than electric cars, while also offering greater ranges than electric vehicles.

The participants agreed that concerted efforts are needed from the industry, stakeholders and government bodies to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen technology across vital sectors, in order to achieve global goals of reducing carbon emissions and thus halting climate change.




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