Greenhouses are being built in a day

Sharjah, 24 January 2019 – The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) attracts a number of world-class research companies and research centers. The Green Homes project, developed as part of Merlin Digital’s Sustainable Technologies Research Site, is located in the science park. A redefined of living green, these houses are made with cutting-edge polymeric compounds and aerospace technology, offering the ability to live integrated in nature, with total comfort and high energy savings at affordable prices. Built in one day, these houses can last for a longer period of time than the traditional ones.

The earth surrounding the house provides soundproofing, protects against the impact of extreme outdoor temperatures, requires less outside maintenance, blends into the landscape more harmoniously than conventional homes, and offers exceptional protection against high winds, hailstorms, and natural disasters. The inside of the house is constructed to take advantage of the solar gain and alternative energy efficiency, along with providing the convenience of traditional construction.

These houses also provides its occupants with internal agricultural methods to grow fresh food daily from different types of natural vegetables, allowing to create a natural atmosphere.

Merlin Digital’s Sustainable Technologies Research Site is one of the few projects in SRTI Park. This large and unique research project at the global level focuses on identifying and developing innovative ways for a sustainable future by focusing on key issues – food and water and housing – providing many technical solutions to benefit from natural resources, such as innovative agriculture (horizontal, hydroponic and pneumatic), solar water desalination devices.

Benefits of the research project:

How to make use of natural resources, from solar energy and salt water, high temperature and humidity, to provide a source of irrigation for agriculture, and to ensure the success of pilot projects by focusing on the importance of innovative farming methods and their many benefits compared to conventional methods of irrigation. The agricultural products of the urban population of the world, in addition to its role in the utilization of sea water covering a vast area, up to 70% of the globe.

Sustainable Agriculture

The research site specializes in the development of sustainability and natural resource conservation technologies offering innovative technological solutions for agriculture through the use of infrastructure in urban areas such as balconies, houses and terraces. These include the “tower farm” (vertical agricultural system) and the horizontal farm technology (water-based).

The project introduces a new concept of sustainable agriculture through the practice of using the principles of ecology, which is the study of the relationships between living organisms and their environment. Also known as “an integrated system of plant and animal production practices that have special field applications that continue over a long period of time to optimize the use of non-renewable energy and resources in the fields and to integrate biological control methods with natural biotechnologies wherever possible and maintain the viability of an economy fields to continue and improve the quality of life of farmers and society as a whole.

Sustainable Water

One of the most important research areas in Merlin Digital’s Sustainable Technologies Research Site is the Sustainable Water Project, a solar desalination still that produces 10 times the amount of pure, distilled water per square meter per day from any source of contaminated water (seawater, groundwater, etc.) compared to classic solar stills. The idea is to re-engineer solar distillation, a basic technology that human beings have known for a thousand of years.

“The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park adopts a strategy of relying on scientific research and innovation to sustain natural resources that support comprehensive development projects through several initiatives on the ground, such as the establishment of strategic partnerships,” said Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park.

“We are investing in more intelligent initiatives and services that will enhance the role of the technology and innovation sector to support sustainable development in Sharjah,” said Al Mahmoudi, stressing the pivotal role the park plays in supporting Sharjah’s strategic plans to make it a major attraction and gateway. To investors working in the technology and innovation sector, both individuals and companies, through a package of investment incentives and provide facilities through the plans and policies of attracting and developed to attract this type of global direct investment. To create an environment that supports research and practical experience, it also provides significant incentives for investors to enable them to adapt to competition, and the ability to reach out to global markets.




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