Sharjah Innovation: Scenario Planning Workshop for Future Forecasts

Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park together with other key stakeholders conducted a two-day scenario planning workshop in partnership with Mendacia Ltd, a UK based advisory service that focuses on strategy planning, scenario development and role-playing simulation exercises.

Dr Shaun McCarthy, the Founder and CEO of Mendacia Ltd., with over 25 years’ experience in working with international companies and governments, facilitated the workshop.

A key objective behind this initiative was to generate Future Foresight and use Scenarios to challenge the participants to question their assumptions about their operating environment. In addition, the process is designed to encourage the participants to reflect on their respective roles and obligations as well as the industry dynamics, changing power-structures, relationships, and inter-dependencies across the innovation sector.

A secondary objective was to introduce the participants to benefits of scenario planning, its use as an integral method in strategy planning and to also teach the participants how to apply the scenario development technique in their strategic planning activities.


In the case of the SRTIP and this workshop, the objective was to apply scenarios to identify and better appreciate which key factors could have an impact on the UAE, Sharjah and the SRTIP’s objectives and strategy in leading the innovation-based knowledge economy and the fourth industrial revolution in the UAE over the next five to seven years.

Scenarios are developed through the art of conducting strategic conversations about factors that have potential to bring about significant change in an organisation’s operating environment and where the organization has little to no control over these factors. However, organisation’s can mitigate them by being aware and also making their strategies as resilient as possible. Resilience helps to mitigate the negative impact(s) and to leverage any potential upside or opportunities that may arise as a result. We refer to this as the ‘contextual’ environment.

H.E. Hussain Al Mahmoudi, SRTIP CEO opened the future foresight workshop in innovation by presenting Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park as the hub of research & development and a prototype center for applied research and business commercialization

The presence of emerging technology projects shows how Sharjah is committed to the innovation strategy in the UAE.




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