Your mena Business Gateway!


SRTIP introduces the Business Gateway Membership. Access the tools and knowledge to accelerate your business in the right direction. The membership offers opportunities to interact with the region’s top decision-makers and increase your regional footprint. It also gives direct access to government projects, potential partners, and investors so you can start building long-term, successful partnerships.

Kickstart your business today by signing up for the Business Gateway Membership.



Terms and Conditions

The membership is valid for 1 year upon registration.
Physical event participation is at the expense of the member (not SRTIP). Location provided FOC.
Brand association - Content to be shared with SRTIP before being published by the member.
Social media - Content to be provided by the member. SRTIP can alter or reject the content.
PR - Press release to be provided by the member. SRTIP can alter or reject the content.
Leads - Refers to Ministry visits, diplomat tours or similar government events.
Access to the venue - Elite members can utilize the venue during business trips and conduct meetings at SRTIP for a maximum duration of 30 days during the membership validity.
Visa facilities - SRTIP can provide a supporting letter. Does not include 3rd party cost.