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    Merlin Eco Green Technologies is a company that is part of the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park, and they have created an ecosystem that is sustainable, renewable and independent from any outside energy source. There are several components that make up the Merlin ecosystem; the aquaponics farm, the green magic home and the water desalination unit, and these depends on solar and wind energy as their energy sources.

    In this topic, we will be discussing the magic green homes.

    Green Magic Homes:

    The green magic home is the new architecture which provides a revolutionary way of living, while completely integrated with nature. It offers smooth surfaces, washable walls, rounded corners, naturally illuminated, and endless design possibilities, provides land for vegetation and connection to the environment.

    One might say that the technology behind such a structure comes from old times because living with such proximity to the ground and benefitting from its thermal stability is what cavemen used to do, and that is true but it also provides some challenges like making the house weather-proof, making it withstand such high pressures and loads that can go up to 200 kg/, and increasing its life-time to up to a 100 years is where innovation and modern technology takes place, and that is why the design is one of a kind.

    The material is composed of fiber reinforced polymer technology (FRP), confined by walls in reinforced soil, with a high index of stabilization and protection against climate harmful effects of wind, and UV radiations.

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