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    Merlin Eco Green Technologies is a company that is part of the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park, and they have created an ecosystem that is sustainable, renewable and independent from any outside energy source. There are several components that make up the Merlin ecosystem; the aquaponics farm, the green magic home and the water desalination unit, and these depends on solar and wind energy as their energy sources.


    Aquaponics farm:

    The Merlin farms use modern urban farming technologies which is aquaponics. It represents the future of agriculture because it eliminates the need for soil, uses circulating water from the desalination unit, and uses fish waste as the primary source of needed minerals for growing the crops, which in turn produces the most organic produce that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives.

    What differentiates aquaponics from other methods which claim to be organic is that this system cannot be cheated! And that is due to the fact that everything is connected to the other, there is live fish in tanks that are connected to the plants, which produce ammonia which is broken down by the nitrogen cycle into nitrites and nitrates, and then consumed by the plants. Imagine wanting to boost the growth of the plants by adding chemicals, the plants will benefit from the addition of them but the fish will be harmed, and may get infected and die, so that shows that the system is complete and offers everything a plant may need to grow in the most sustainable way possible.

    On the other hand, using circulating water offers 90% less water than conventional agricultural methods, while producing 3 to 4 times more produce.

    Aquaponics seems like the perfect agriculture system, in your view, what are the limitations of this technology?

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