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    Additive manufacturing is the industrial name for 3-dimensional printing, known as 3d printing. In this process a 3 dimensional object is made from a computer aided design software (CAD), or by downloading a ready-made design in the form of an STL file, upload it in the slicing software where you control the color, material, temperature, and tool path, and then download it as a G file to the 3d printer.

    As the name implies, additive manufacturing refers to the process of printing the material, by depositing it layer upon layer in precisely defined geometric shapes. There are different types of additive manufacturing and the two most famous and used types, the stereolithography SLA and Fused deposition modeling FDM.

    Additive manufacturing is a strong focus of SRTIP, as we have a makerspace called “Sharjah Open Innovation Lab” or SoiLAB, where it contains more than 50 machines available, with ten lab divisions. One of the lab divisions is the 3D studio, where it contains a wide range of equipment and materials used, such as ABS, PLA, and flexible plastics.

    In your view, what is the type of machine in the 3D studio that will have the most demand? And what software do you prefer for designing the prototype or do you prefer having ready-made designs and printing them?

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