The internet of things

The internet of things, generally abbreviated as IoT, is a computer concept which describes the idea that everyday physical objects are connected to the Internet and this leads them to be able to identify with other devices.

A more professional and technical definition, it would be a system of computer devices that are interrelated, and digital and mechanical machines, objects, animals or people that have unique identifiers (UID) have the ability to transfer data through a network and it will not need to be accessed from person to person or from person to computer.

To give you some simple examples of everyday life, you can imagine the lights of your home being controlled from an application on your smartphone or also in a coffee machine that starts to do your coffee the moment you get out of bed.

And of course there are already people who can enjoy this type of technology. In the next few years, other more advanced examples will be refrigerators that remind you to get milk when you are out, to say the least.

There are many examples and what they all have in common is that the devices in your home, in your office and in your pocket will be able to communicate with each other and can make decisions based on the information they collect.

How it works

Technically, the Internet of Things is a great cloud.

Even if the small chip that is located in the lights of your house is very small and “dumb”, what makes it smart is your Wi-Fi connection with a suitable computer; this allows it to think in another way that does not relate to its brain.

All equipment is armed with some computer hardware, circuit boards and processors. Of course 98 percent of them will need sensors. All the actions you take are controlled through some type of control device, be it your phone or a tablet. Probably, at the beginning you should use several applications for everything in your home, but eventually there will be applications that unite all the functions.

The internet of things and its benefits

The internet of things shows us a bright future that will benefit us in many aspects.

For example, in the case of the field of medicine, connected devices can help medical professionals to monitor patients inside and outside the hospital. After that, the computers will be able to evaluate the data in order to help the professionals to adjust the treatments and thus improve the results of the patients.

Next we will organize a series of benefits and pros that the internet of things gives us.

  • Remarkable cost reduction: The fact of implementing IoT in your business will undoubtedly optimize your expenses. This is because it optimizes the production process.
  • Autonomous vehicles: As we already know, this is not a fantasy anymore. Although Google has limited the autonomous vehicle market for a few years, the internet of things offers us a very real and possible use that is closer than it seems.

Now you can buy a car that is capable of driving alone, will notify you of any change that may affect your arrival safely to your destination, malfunctions and that could even detect the type of music you want to hear.

  • Your smartest home: The internet of things can be implemented in practically everything that is in your home and will directly affect the way you live.

This includes sensors that can detect human behavior and adjust the mood of the house to suit you, playing relaxing music, decreasing or increasing the brightness of the house, or preparing a coffee.

  • Consumption analytics & distribution: A device that includes the IoT monitors all its shipping, delivery and distribution. All the big international companies have already included in their news the use of the IoT, implementing IoT devices in their distribution and consumption analysis, trying to reduce costs and increase the overall efficiency of the company.
  • IoT-powered hazard suits: The Internet of Things greatly benefits workers in factory floors and hazardous environments around the world. So right now in various manufacturers who have begun to implement IoT technology in their safety suits, which detect what allows the user to quickly detect changes in temperature, dangerous elements in the environment and damage to the suit.

The internet of things and security

Absolutely all things have advantages and disadvantages and in the case of the internet of things, we find security and privacy.

As is well known, all these devices and systems are responsible for collecting a large amount of personal data about people, then this smart meter knows when you are in your home and also what electronic devices you use when you are there, then shares said information with the other devices.

Many experts in the field of security and privacy, ensure that not enough is done to give certain security benefits to customers in their initial stages, and in order to prove this, they have decided to hack, as for example traffic signals.

However, there have not been any problems with home devices since not everyone has them, so hackers have not focused on IoT and you are not likely to suffer losses or serious damage due to your smart meter, but it is all that it is known so far.

The internet of things disadvantages


Because it is a network that connects diverse devices, a single lagoon or pothole, it can affect all the devices.  It is one of your biggest problems and for the average citizen it can be difficult to manage, understand or fix.

Lesser jobs

By automating tasks, the need to have at our personal human disposal, will be reduced.

Therefore, all this will have a direct impact on employability. Therefore, it is expected that in the future we will see a decrease in hiring and employability.

Privacy & Security

As we already know and were mentioned before, all the technological devices that we use in our day to day will collect our personal data; but in the case of the internet of things, the information you need is greater in order to fit and conform to our personality.

This is not necessarily a bad thing; however it is important to remember that the technology will never be completely reliable and there may always be errors that cause our data to leak.

Although you believe that this is not a big problem because you have nothing to hide, it is important to know that your personal information must be confidential, also remember that there is information from companies that it is important to keep secret.


All those intelligent machines and devices that did things by “reading our minds”, no longer belong to the world of fiction and you can dispose of them in less than you think.

Although it is true that they are apparatuses and an expensive system, this does not mean that it is totally out of your reach since later due to your trade, it will be much more accessible.

It has benefits and disadvantages, but it is normal for anything, device, equipment or system. The future is now and it is time to take advantage of it.




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