Google artificial intelligence

  Currently, artificial intelligence and machine learning are undoubtedly important areas of innovation in regards to the technology community. Then, companies like Google, are investing in the new technologies that are advancing, such as artificial intelligence.

   Back in 2016, Google brought to light a video that provided an amazingly ambitious vision that showed how some people within the company had a vision of what it was about using the information that is collected.

   The video showed a kind of utopia in which there was a total collection of data, and Google subtly pushes users to align with their own objectives, also prints custom devices with the aim of collecting more data and even guides the behavior of entire populations trying to help solve global challenges such as poverty. This video showed the way we use our smartphones and how this creates a constantly evolving representation of who we are.

   Through this video, Google gives us a glimpse of his ideas and even of a future not so distant.

    Google is increasingly inquisitive with its users, in addition to being quite assertive as to how it wishes to interact with them and of course it presses itself on its existing limits. And in this way he is taking over and saying present in regards to artificial intelligence


   To understand how the artificial intelligence used by Google works, it is important to understand the artificial intelligence itself. It is based on the simulation of human intelligence processes that are performed by machines, specifically by computer systems.

   Among the processes that are included in this type of technology, we find human learning, reasoning and most importantly, which is self-correction.


   Google AI, was previously known or named as Google Research, and consists of the branch of research and development of artificial intelligence.

Google AI offers various ramifications of Google AI, as is its Google Assistant.

   With this Assistant, Google AI is able to process a user’s commands, also make phone calls silently in the background without affecting what you are running.


   Google’s artificial intelligence has the potential to cause a dramatic impact in various areas of social importance. To give an example of this, we can see how there are flood predictions thanks to google AI.

   Another important example is that of earthquake replication predictions.


   Google also focuses its artificial intelligence on computer science in order to help its users achieve things faster and of course more effectively.

   A good example of this is Google Duplex, this system that requires research in natural language and at the same time offers understanding of dialogue, speech recognition, also text to speech, and goes hand in hand with user understanding and interface design. Effective user to be able to get everyone to join and thus allow an experience in which a user can perform activities or program them only with the voice command, offering a virtual agent that will interact on your behalf by phone to handle the details need.

 Some other examples are Smart Compose and Sound Search, which are technologies based on the Now Playing function that can allow you to discover which song is playing quickly.


   Google is now announcing TensorFlow, this provides an open source platform for machine learning, and this gives anyone who has a computer and Internet connection (in addition to informal experience in deep learning algorithms) an access to one of the platforms most important and powerful machine learning ever seen.

There are currently more than 40 Google products that have adopted TensorFlow with the aim of taking advantage of deep learning and using it.


   As you know, artificial intelligence is a latent and present reality, and consequently its potential will grow exponentially.

   We find the use of graphics cards, the creation of personalized hardware, the increase of information contained in the cloud and the growth of computing capabilities, so artificial intelligence is a necessary superior force.

   Currently, a defined amount of data is generated worldwide that only gigantic infusions of data can really make a significant difference in the growth of artificial intelligence in the future. This also tells us a spoiler of the future of artificial intelligence, since only the largest and most technically sophisticated companies such as the Google technology monster, which have the ability to consume and process such volumes of data can directly benefit from this.


   In the last year, Google AI has focused on providing and sharing knowledge, as well as creating technical tools or product updates, with the aim of cultivating a framework to develop an AI that is as responsible as ethical and in this way can Help all users.

They have also developed certain tools to make sure of it.

  • We find the What-If Tool, this is a new feature which allows the user to analyze an ML model without writing any code. It also allows users to visualize biases or effects of various equity restrictions, such as comparing performance on multiple models.
  •  On the other hand we have Google Translate, this reduces gender bias by providing female and male translations for some words that are usually neutral.
  •  Our People + AI Guidebook is another important new tool, which is a set of methods and framework tools that is responsible for making decisions on how to build AI products that are focused on the human being. It was released and released in May.


  • It Can be used 24/7 there is no restriction because you are dealing with machines and software, not with real people, that means you can utake advantage of its application at any time of the day.
  • These will help you with your daily activities.
  • Even if the internet gives you tons of information, with the artificial intelligence, you will have double of access to it, opening doors for you and your social skills.
  • There is an error reduction 



   According to the Google portal where they talk about the artificial intelligence they execute, they have the objective or vision of organizing the world’s information in order to make it universally accessible and useful information. Artificial intelligence is helping people to do this in new and exciting ways, through problem solving for people around the world who are users of this giant company.

   Google artificial intelligence, it is making it easier for people to do things every day at any time, from looking for photos of their loved ones, to working, breaking language barriers with the help of Google Translate, writing emails on the go or doing things in which Google Assistant can help you.

   AI not only does the entire above, but it also provides new ways to see existing problems by offering new solutions.




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