Mr. Samer Salim Al Sayegh

Samer Sayegh is a testament to a legacy of leadership and entrepreneurial excellence. As the Managing Director of National Paints Holdings LLC since 2014, he has been instrumental in driving the growth and expansion of the brand, a cornerstone of the Sayegh family's business empire. Stepping into the colossal shoes of his late father, Salim Sayegh, Samer took the reins of the diverse Sayegh business portfolio, stretching from paint manufacturing to real estate and commercial ventures.

His leadership journey began well before inheriting his father's position. Samer has been steering Alva Paints Co. LLC in Dubai as its Managing Director since 1998. This experience gave him an in-depth understanding of the paint industry, laying a robust foundation for his current role at National Paints Holdings.
Beyond paints, Samer has demonstrated a keen sense of diversification and expansion. As the Managing Director of Al Taria Advertising since 2012, he has ventured into the dynamic advertising world, ensuring the brand resonates with its audience in an ever-evolving market. Additionally, he holds the position of Managing Director at Directorate National Solvents FZCO, further underscoring his versatile leadership capabilities.

Samer's journey is not just about business; it's about honoring a legacy. It's about leading with vision, passion, and a commitment to excellence, just as his father did. As he continues to steer the Sayegh enterprises into the future, Samer is both a beacon of the family's storied past and the architect of its promising future.

Mr. Samer Sayegh