Mr. Adel Abdullah Ali

Adel Al Ali is well known for being at the forefront of the development of modern aviation. His innovative achievements and contribution to the air transport and tourism sector in the wider Arab world are globally recognized. He managed to transform Arab aviation in October 2003 when he set up Air Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa’s first low-cost carrier (LCC), opening up a market niche in the region whose existence few had suspected.

The pioneering aviator drove Air Arabia’s growth in the next decade into the largest low-cost carrier in the MENA region, the first publicly owned airline in the Arab World, and its largest by market value. Drawing on his multiple years of experience with industry leaders such as Gulf Air and British Airways, Adel has also guided Air Arabia to become amongst the world’s best-run Low-Cost Carriers, delivering a yearly profit.

Under the leadership of Adel, Air Arabia’s business model has gone from strength to strength, enabling it to expand operations, enter new ventures, and diversify into new revenue streams. Today, the Group holds a portfolio of successful businesses and projects, offering travel, tourism, and hospitality services across the globe.
In addition to being the Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Arabia, Adel is also the chairman of Sharjah Information Systems Associates, Alpha Aviation Academy, and Cozmo Travel, and he is a board member of Sharjah Aviation Services.

Various industry forums have awarded Adel ‘Airline CEO of the Year.’ He recently received the prestigious 2020 Laureate Award for extraordinary airline strategy achievements. Earlier, he won the “Airline Business Award” at the esteemed Airline Strategy Awards and was named ‘World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier CEO’ during the World LCC Congress. Adel has also entered the “Hall of Fame Award” in honoring his contribution to the Middle East Aviation.

Mr. Adel Abdullah Ali