H.E. Khaled Issa Al Huraimel

Khaled Al Huraimel is the Group CEO of BEEAH Group, a position he has held since August 2009. Under his leadership, the organization evolved from a leading waste management business rooted in the emirate of Sharjah to an international holding company serving UAE, KSA, Egypt, and beyond.

Al Huraimel’s strategy of sustainability and digitalization has been the driving force behind the Group’s exponential growth over the years. His insights into the industries of waste management, recycling, clean energy, environmental consulting, education, training and development, and green mobility have enabled BEEAH Group to diversify its businesses and take a multi-faceted approach towards sustainability. His leadership has been pivotal to the milestone projects across BEEAH Group’s industries, aligning with the sustainability agenda in the UAE, the region, and beyond. Al Huraimel championed the zero-waste journey for the emirate of Sharjah, allowing BEEAH Group to have the region’s only end-to-end, integrated waste management business. With BEEAH Group achieving excellence in the waste management industry through digital technologies, he also led the formation of a joint venture with Masdar, the Emirates Waste to Energy company to pioneer new clean energy innovations for the region. As Chairman of the Emirates Waste to Energy Company, Al Huraimel’s leadership was key to the joint venture realizing the region’s first commercial-scale waste-to-energy plant. Located in Sharjah, the plant has positioned the emirate to become the first city in the Middle East to achieve zero-waste-to-landfill, going up to 100% landfill waste diversion from the current 76%. Under his leadership, BEEAH Group has expanded to KSA and Egypt as a sustainability partner for key cities, drawing from successes in the emirates.

With BEEAH Group’s growth into new industries and geographies, Al Huraimel strategized an “Office of the Future” Headquarters, the most AI-integrated office building in the Middle East, which would offer a blueprint for tomorrow’s sustainable, smart cities. Today, the BEEAH Group Headquarters serves as the organization’s administrative and managerial center, designed by the renowned Zaha Hadid, integrated with future technologies, and built to operate at LEED Platinum standards. The BEEAH Group Headquarters is considered one of the world’s most sustainable and smartest buildings.

Al Huraimel’s passion for making a meaningful impact in people’s lives and building technologically empowered societies has seen him diversify BEEAH Group’s businesses into several industries critical to a sustainable future. He led the formation of new digital ventures such as re.life and EVOTEQ, which support public and private sector clients across the UAE. Drawing from his insights, re.life’s platforms empower people from homes to the workplace and support businesses across industries. Inspired by Al Huraimel’s vision, EVOTEQ launched as a digital transformation catalyst, providing in-depth consulting, advisory services, and solution development for public and private sector clients.

Al Huraimel was at the helm of establishing a joint venture between BEEAH Group and Khazna Data Centers, now developing Sharjah’s first data center. The joint venture will support the Sharjah Government’s ambitious digital transformation efforts and enable organizations across the UAE to pursue digitally led operations that deliver high-performance services.

As a serial entrepreneur dedicated to better outcomes for the national vision and the economy, Al Huraimel also played a crucial role in launching ION, a joint venture between BEEAH Group and Crescent Enterprises, to accelerate the green mobility transition. As a leader who believes in nurturing young talent and entrepreneurs to take on the challenges of the future, he is a long-time partner of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa), which supports the creation of new startups across the UAE and the region. Both BEEAH Group and Sheraa have been working together to identify, inspire, and support young entrepreneurs in sustainability.

Al Huraimel is a member of the UAE Circular Economy Council, where he advises on the main priorities and commitments under the national agenda, including the Net-Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative, the World Economic Forum’s ‘Scale 360’ initiative, and the transition to a sustainable, technologically advanced, and knowledge-driven economy.

Representing BEEAH Group, Al Huraimel is a board member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a US-based international alliance working to keep plastic waste out of oceans and the environment. Al Huraimel actively supports the national economy by leveraging opportunities in transformative business solutions, employment pathways, sustainability programs, community initiatives, net-zero energy solutions, integrated waste diversion strategies, and digital innovations. As a futurist committed to contributing to the national vision of becoming a key knowledge economy for technology and innovation, Al Huraimel co-founded BEDU, a personal venture emerging as a regional pioneer for cutting-edge Web3, NFT, and Metaverse solutions.

Before joining BEEAH Group, Al Huraimel held leadership roles at Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), Nakheel, and Arabian Global Investments, where he used innovative strategies to expand into 21 countries. Al Huraimel holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from King Fahd University and an MBA from the University of Bradford. He also completed Harvard Business School’s prestigious Senior Executive Leadership Program and the Dubai Leaders Program at the Wharton Business School. Al Huraimel is co-author of Reimagining Business with AI, published by Wiley in 2020.

H.E. Khaled Issa Al Huraimel