Dr. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy

Professor Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy is a renowned scientist and researcher in astronomy and space sciences and a prominent educational leader. He is the Chancellor of the University of Sharjah (UOS), Director General and Founder of the Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences, and Technology (SAASST), and President of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS). He received a BSc in Physics from the University of Baghdad, an M.S. in Astronomy, and a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Manchester in the U.K. He founded seven (7) observatories and space centers in various countries, such as Iraq, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, including SAASST, which he founded in 2015. In addition to his current positions, he has held numerous senior-level administrative roles, such as UOS Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dean of the Institute of Astronomy and Space Science at Al al-Bayt University (IASS) in Jordan, and Chairman of the Physics Department at UAE University (UAEU).

He is widely recognized on a global scale for his significant contributions to the fields of applied physics, astronomy, and space sciences. He has imparted extensive knowledge by teaching a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and supervising over 50 MSc and PhD theses. He has conducted groundbreaking research into the correlation between Quranic verses and scientific discoveries in astronomy and space sciences. He has authored more than 35 books in astronomy, space sciences, and education, published over 800 scientific articles in newspapers, magazines, and journals, and refereed over 130 publications in high-tier journals. He has been the chief/associate editor for over ten journals and edited numerous books.

Additionally, he has delivered keynote speeches at more than 250 national and international conferences, symposia, and workshops, including the esteemed International Astronomical Union (IAU) conference. He has also played a significant role in organizing more than 100 conferences and seminars at the national, regional, and international levels. Professor Al Naimiy’s exceptional contributions to the field of higher education, astronomy, and space sciences have earned him numerous prestigious awards, such as the NASA Plaque for Coordinator of the International Heliophysical Year (IHY 2007), the Khalifa Award for Education 2009/2010, and the 2009 IAU/UNESCO Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Success of the International Year of Astronomy.

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